Magi Gibson

Poet and Writer

'Amazing stuff. Love it. This is art in 2007/8. Current and relevant, which is what art should be.'

Magi and artist Anthony Schrag worked one day a week for six months with young people in the east end of Glasgow, Easterhouse, Shettleston and Toryglen. Together with the young people they explored issues around identity and neigbourhood. Magi and Anthony were also allocated a day a week to create their own work as part of the Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art's Blind Faith Social Justice programme.

The resulting exhibition was a mix of poetry, text, artwork, photos, animation and video installation. There was much more than can be shown here. All quotes are taken from the Visitors' Book.

'Great exhibit. Loved it.' AGR USA

'Just amazing. Street poetry is art! Such a wonderful project. Do more!!!'
'Fantastic community involvement. Gives a public voice to those who wouldn't otherwise be in a gallery or museum.' A. From Cornwall

The 'Menshie' wall was an exploration of the human urge to leave behind a mark, tag, or menshie. Magi's poem, 'Cave Woman Hand', could be listened to on the headphones. She sprayed her hand outline on the wall, as people from around the world have done for over twenty thousand years. Before the end of the exhibition many visitors had left their own hand prints. Magi also encouraged visitors to leave their 'menshie' or graffiti tag. In the end a huge area was covered with lines of poems, tags, signatures, drawings and messages from people from all over the world.

'Fabulous exhibition - it would be great if contemporary art galleries around the world encouraged similar projects.' Anna from Australia
'Interesting, conceptual, fine, silence, great the spaces, white wall. Food for the mind.' Molie Rose, Italy

In room 3 where the video-installation was played, Magi and Anthony re-created a den of the type used by many youngsters on the edge of society.

'Loved this exhibition.' NY. USA
'Thought-provoking. Really interesting. The film sequences were particularly captivating. Great work!' Andy.
'I've always wanted to do something like this with the kids down my way! This is fantastic. Good on you.' Doreen, Australia

Magi would like to thank all the staff at GoMA who were great to work with, as well as all the young people who took part.